Sue and Jan Carting

Below are pictures of Sue and Jan trying out Sue's cart.

Sue Giving Jan pointers



Here Sam is hooked up to the cart while Sue points out some of it's features to Jan, who is sitting in the cart.



Sue helps Sam pull Jan



Here, Jan is going for a ride. Sue is helping Sam get back up to speed after slowing down on a slight incline.


Sam really moving out



Here Sam has picked up speed as he comes around the corner.


Hooking up Ms. B and Sam



Sue is hooking up Jan's Ms. B along with Sam so that Ms. B can try out carting.


Sam and Ms. B Pull Cart


Sue and Jan take it easy so Ms. B can get use to pulling the cart.


Sue and Jan walk



Ms. B seems to be getting the hang of pulling the cart.


Taking a rest



Ms B and Sam take a rest after pulling the cart.


Many breeds besides Bouviers love to cart. If you think you and your dog would enjoy carting, drop Sue some Email at Sue Matthews and find out more.

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