Echo Bouvier


Here are some pictures of the Echo Bouviers and 3 of the puppies that we kept from the first litter. This is just before they turned One Year old.

Picture of Rose, Dusty,
Caprice and Chevelle



Here are Rose (lead), Dusty (left) and Caprice (right) with Chevelle hot on their heels. While Chevelle is usually a little more sedate, you will almost always find the pups at a full gallop heading to or from somewhere... usually trouble.




Sam and puppies Jumping for Ball



This is one of Sam's (the big dog) and the puppies favorite games, "Ball on a String". As long as Sue can keep it spinning, they will try to catch it.






Sam Jumping for Ball



Here is Sam doing on of his famous leaps at the ball. They have all gotten pretty good at snagging the ball in mid air, and if they can't get the ball, they grab the rope. <grin>





Rose and Caprice





Here are Rose (l) and Caprice (r) trying to convince Sue that it's dinner time.





Rose at Santa Rosa



Here is Rose getting to show how tough she can be at the Pacific Gateway Working Bouvier Club Trials in Santa Rosa, CA.

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