Bouviers des Flandres … not the breed of dog for everyone for sure, but interestingly enough, I very seldom meet anyone who only has one. These dogs possess incredible intelligence, endearing charm, and a goofy comic nature, which, coupled with the protective instincts of the breed, makes them a valued companion in many families. They're even *More* fun in multiples!

Chevelle as a Pup

Our household enjoys the companionship of six of the hairy beasts who enter puppyhood resembling furry little bear cubs, and grow up to look much like a buffalo, especially when grazing in the back yard (hence the word I coined for mine... Bouvaloes!).

Chevlle Adult
Chevelle (here in her best Bouvaloe pose) is the puppy (upper picture) I raised from bear cub stage after a several years long search. She's my protector, one of the joys of my life, and the instigator of more laughs than I ever imagined.

Sam and Mona
Mona, on the right, joined our family as a rescue dog and, despite numerous health problems as the result of poorly planned back yard breeding, is a happy, loving, and willing member of the family. Sam (on the left in the hitch) is the young man of the pack... a more loving dog does not exist. Sam is innocent beyond words... I call him Mr. Schmooz because of the way he charms humans and dogs alike and gets them to play with him.

 Scooter and Sam

Scooter (who is positive he is the BIGGEST Bouvier of the family) keeps the rest of the herd in line. If you ever see a picture of Sam, chances are that Scooter is in the photo too because the two are seldom very far apart... Mutt and Jeff indeed!

Nine lil *10 Star* dogies welcomed to the

Echo Bouvaloe herd!!

Whelped 7/27/97 to Hirsch's Hotrod Chevelle SS and Bluemoon Magical Mistofelees, we are pleased to welcome six darling bitches and three handsome males to the family.

Nine Puppies

Momma and babies are doing well and Dad is just wondering where all these little critters came from. Scooter can't wait until they're big enough for him to play with. Health was one of my primary considerations in breeding this litter so both parents have OFA certifications for hips (both "good"), elbows, cardiac, and thyroid, along with a current CERF.

The puppies are all dark brindle with very little white ... one tiny chest star and a few "milk spots" on lower lips. They have broad heads and proportionate muzzles. I'm seeing a lot of Chevelle's structure in several of the puppies, and Dad's more moderate but athletic build in others.
Fronts look nice along with shoulder laybacks.

Puppies are all up and walking, big black eyes are open, and the puppy wars are beginning as they discover their "woofers." We have one singing bitch in the group, and two of the boys seems to be pretty vocal too. They're discovering toys now ... It's exciting to watch them grow and change on a daily basis.

Please feel free to write to me if you'd like to receive a pedigree or obtain health certification information, or find out about Bouvier mailing lists.

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