……. and then there were four more


Echo Bouviers is pleased to welcome three little brindle bitches and a handsome

 <you tell me what color he will be!> boy.


The puppies arrived July 15, 2000, a repeat breeding of the litter we enjoyed so much three years ago. Chevelle has been a terrific mommadawg again, keeping all those little tummies well filled, and faces and fannies clean, and Sam is just hoping they’ll grow up faster so he can get them to chase him and play.


Scooter has again volunteered to be the honorary Bouvier Big Brother to the little ones…  I think he’s hoping that some of the new puppy toys will trickle down to him soon.


Puppies weighed in at 14, 16, 16, and 21 (!) ounces, and they have not stopped growing since.


This litter, like the last one, was bred with good health and proper structure and temperament in mind.  Both Sam and Chevelle hold OFA certifications for Hips (Good), Elbows, Thyroid, and Cardiac (renewed November 1998), and both have passed CERF exams within the last year as well. Puppies from the previous litter have also had genetic health screening done.



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