Flash Forward three years…..



It’s been awhile since we’ve updated this site… not surprising since it was originally intended as a means for our puppy folks to follow the growth and development of their puppies when we had the litter in 1997.


It’s never easy saying goodbye to puppies when they go to their new homes. With the exception of two puppies who stayed relatively close, we personally hand delivered the others we placed, driving nearly 8,000 miles in about three weeks, coast to coast, and up into Canada. Each and every puppy we placed is still in their original home, and well loved. We frequently receive EMAIL and pictures and always enjoy hearing what the dogs are up to with their families.


Time has flown and the puppies have grown into handsome adults. As a group, they have lived full lives as a therapy dog, hot air balloon ground crew, a Neighborhood Watch member (and with two arrests to his credit!), in agility, herding trial, and conformation competition, in carting, and as companions for families with youngsters and senior citizens.







Sarah, Red, and friends when Red qualified for her PT.




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