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Old 10-24-2010, 02:58 PM
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Default Dog Paw Coasters

I've been working on some more dog related glass things and made some coasters in the shape of dog paws. They started out to be spoon rests but I couldn't decide how to bend the toes enough to create a cupped paw for holding the spoon. So I decided they were coasters instead.

I made these two first to try out the idea:

I then made these 4 paws with a French Vanallia base.

I'm not sure about it yet, but I'm thinking of making these 4 into a wind chime by drilling a small hole below the big pad so that a wire loop can be inserted.

I've also cut out but not yet fused, two Bouvier profiles. After piecing together several pictures I've taken along with some hand editing with a pencil by Sue to give them a bit better shape, I thnk I've come up with a template that I can use for a number of things. I need to create a couple of other designs, one with the dog sitting and one bowing, to add to this version and I'll have a set. I just need to get one or more of our dogs to pose for me so I can take more pictures so I can turn those into a pattern. I will be firing these after I drill the holes in them so they can be hung. The smaller one might make a good christmas ornamate and the bigger one a window trivit or maybe on top of the a paw wind chime I want to do with the paws above. Since I have this shape in Photoshop, I can print it out any size I want and tape that onto my glass to cut out.

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