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Old 02-18-2014, 09:50 AM
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Default Our Bouv Nikki

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are looking for some bouvier advice and came across this forum so we thought we'd try it out. We have a 24 month old Bouvier Nikki who we adopted 7 months ago. She is an absolute darling and we couldn't imagine life with out her!!!

That said, despite tons of training since she came into our life and the advice of an almost "on call" dog trainer we are still having some behavioural challenges. Things are improving, don't get me wrong, but we are wondering if there is more we should be doing or if we need to be doing different things. From what we can tell she had very little training in her previous life and almost no socialization, especially during the socialization period. Everything we do with her is brand new and therefore stressful. We have done classes (walking and manners) and do our homework every day. She is learning so much and doing so great and has become a wonderful member of our family. Out in the world though she is still stressed even if we are right there with her. Any advice you have on overcoming the challenges associated with lack of socialization would be appreciated. (She displays strong reactions to cars, people and dogs on walks and car rides).

Also, we've noticed she has quite a sensitive stomach. About once a month she is ill. We switched her food to performatrin ultra almost immediately after getting her because she wouldn't eat her old food. Now she eats regularly but still gets sick from time to time. we have consulted a vet who has said her food is good. We give her treats for training (Zukes, cherios, beggin strips, wellness, hot dogs etc.) Any recommendations to hopefully calm our poor girl's tummy would be helpful.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to learning more about Bouviers as we continue on this journey!
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