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Old 02-27-2009, 04:52 AM
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Default Feb 27th ~ The week in review

Sorry that we have not gotten up new pictures and videos. It's just been a super busy week. I was gone most of Monday to a dog legislation hearing. Mike was here to puppy sit, but it took me a couple days to catch up again. Yesterday I was backed up with laundry... puppies go through a lot of towels, sheets, and blankies!

The puppies kept me very busy with their escape artist moves. Last night we moved the bigger (and taller!) box into their space and so far so good. Dyna can go in and out but the puppies are staying put. They have a lot more room to play together too. Bedding is on one end and paper on the other. Red was the first puppy to toddle over to the paper to pee. Good puppy!

I also started feeding them gruel yesterday since they had gone to nursing just about every hour and Dyna thought that was getting old. No one needed any help sticking their mugs into the bowl and lapping up the new food.

They're playing more together... it cute to watch. There is some definite herding behavior going on as well.

Mike and I have both taken pictures and I shot some video last night.. just need to find the time to mess with it and get it uploaded.\\\\

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