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Old 03-23-2008, 02:58 AM
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Default Basic Herding Terms

For those who are interested, the following terms are used for herding. The truth is, you can almost use any words you want...but try and keep them clean!

"Come-Bye" is used to command the dog to go to the right of the handler, clockwise.

"Away" is used to have the dog go to the left/counter-clockwise to the handler.

"Lie or Lie Down" is the command you can use to slow down and stop your dog. Don't use it as a correction term, it's DIRECTION.

"Walk Up" is the term I use to have the dog move slowly forward towards the livestock.

"Look Back" is used when sneaky sheep slip out of the ranks and try a quick escape. Looking back gives the dog a chance to collect the lost few!

"Easy" is a term I use if the dog is pushing the stock too hard. They need to back off a little.

"Get Out" is one of those terms I use with one of my Border Collies. Jess thinks she needs to live in the sheeps backside in order to get the job done, wrong answer!

"That'll Do" is often used to tell the dog that the job os done and it is time to leave the field.

There are lots more commands, but these are the basic few which I use and ones which are used for herding lessons. You can see more on my website and the list again. I offer farm style herding lessons which are useful for small sheep farming operations. Most pastures are small and LONG outruns are not possible. I do not train for regional events because I never have time to leave the farm!
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