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Old 07-30-2010, 12:10 AM
Vermontlori Vermontlori is offline
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Default Hi from a Bouv lover

Hi all-
I noticed that people tend to read posts and never post, so after reading three or so posts, I decided to introduce myself.
I was led to this forum because we have three dogs at present (a bouvier, a cockapoo and a goldendoodle----all black). My son wants a dog that he can pick up, so we're looking into a Havanese, but my husband wants our next dog to be another Bouv. My hubby has major allergies and asthma, so all our dogs are non-shedding and rather expensive, as a result!!!
When we got our Bouvier, Monk, 12 years ago, we picked the sleepiest, most unresponsive pup in the litter because we had done our research, and had never owned a dog before, so we knew what we were getting into with a Bouv. We were also a single professional couple. Monk quickly stole our hearts with his bouncy Bouvier antics and his momma-boy personality. He was also very responsive to training (both housetraining and obedience training), although he never, ever, ever took to his crate, which we quickly abandoned.
When we had our son 10 years ago, Monk had a job! He stayed with me all through the labor and delivery process and kissed our son on the top of the head as soon as he came out. Ever since then, he has kept a watchful eye on our son, and the two of them have the most incredible, loving bond.
Since the arrival of our other two dogs, Monk has been a respectful big brother after an initial dose of complete indifference to the puppies.
Anyway, he is now 12 years old, and although he can't run as fast as he once did, he is still just as frisky and just as much a puppy and momma's boy as ever.
So, although my husband said no to a Havanese because three dogs is too many, and four would be way over the top, he is now open to the idea of a Havanese, as long as he can get a second Bouvier. Are five dogs in our near future????
Oh, back to how I found this forum....we live in Vermont, so I Googled "Vermont Bouvier" and found Dalmar Bouvier's posts (she's from Vermont). It turns out that her breeding bitch comes from the same highly discriminating breeder as our Monk, Mapleridge Bouviers.
We had to visit Mapleridge a few times prior to being "approved" by herself as well as her older Bouvs, who have a way of telling her if the visitor is an acceptable Bouvier "owner" (for lack of a better term) or not.
Anyhow, sorry for the long-winded initial message, but I just wanted to let y'all know that there is a new member out there who hasn't been perusing the forum for very long before posting.
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Old 07-30-2010, 02:43 AM
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Default Welcome...

Glad you stopped in to visit Lori, and even introduced yourself. It sounds like Monk has enjoyed a great life in your family.

Is 5 too many? That depends on the dogs and the family. Some people have problems managing even one dog. Others do fine with more. Mike and I have had multiple dogs for years and it's worked out. The main problem we've had is traveling with the whole crew... we drove two rigs for some years and finally just bought an extended Chevy van that holds everyone.

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Old 07-31-2010, 05:22 PM
Mike Mike is offline
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Hi Lori, welcome. It sounds like for a change the husband is the smart one if he wants a Bouvier.

As Sue said, some people can deal with muliple dogs and even multiple Bouviers. Some people should keep pet rocks (although for a few, that would even be a streach). Also as Sue said, once we got beyound the ability to carry all of our dogs in one Town and Country mini-van, it did start to limit where we could go and how long we could be gone if we both wanted to go. The extended cargo van did give us the ability to haul everyone plus all of our junk and also pull a good size trailer across country a few times. Now we have two elderly Bouvs that we haven't really wanted to subject to long travels for the last couple of years. They just turned 13.

If they all get a long the majority of the time, it can be real rewarding to have more than one or two dogs. They learn from each other as well as have their own personalities. One note about getting another Bouvier. If you haven't been doing much in the Bouvier world, do your home work very carefully. There have been a number of changes (some good some not so good) in Bouviers over the last 10 years, both in health issues and temperment. There are a lot of breeders out there that shouldn't be allowed to breed Bouviers (or any living animal at all for that matter). Like with many breeds, to many see the dollar signs of what they can sell a dog for and completely over look the commitment and dedication it takes to breed healthy and well mannered Bouviers. So do your home work.

Again, welcome to the forum, Lori. You are right, a lot of people read, but not everyone posts. It's unfortunate but many of those interested in Bouviers are not that familiar with forums like this. They are more use to the list forums that come in through your e-mail.

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Old 03-27-2012, 01:51 AM
Plasmatico Plasmatico is offline
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Hi Mike, I'm a new member and was reading your post about how careful one should when getting a new Bouvier. We are very seriously considering getting one, my only apprehension is how well would it do with my 2 young dugthers (they are 5 / 9).

I live in Puerto Rico so I would like to buy from a breeder that has direct flights from their local airport to San Juan as to minimize stress on the puppy. Dallas is a good choice because the flight is only 4 1/2 hours.

Anyway great to be here, hope you're still out there, there is not a lot of activity in the forum and for people like me needing information on this breed the forum is invaluable.

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Old 03-27-2012, 04:04 PM
Mike Mike is offline
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Hi, MJC and welcome.

I've not heard of any Bouvs in PR, but I know a lot of them that would love the location.

Bouviers can get along with kids just as well as any other breed. A lot depends on the temperament of the dog and how the kids treat the dog and how the parents set down rules and guidelines on acceptable behavior of both. Our Bouvs have regularly been around youngsters from crawling rug rats to toddlers to older kids. Some Bouviers have a tendency to want to herd the kids around to keep them all together and some don't think that kids should be running around screaming so try to keep them rounded up and quiet (my kind of Bouvier ) others will start all the ruckus and think the more running and yelling the better.

You are right about shipping on a direct flight. One thing that is even better is, depending on the puppies age, either go get it and carry it in the plane in a Sherpa bag or have someone bring it with them that is coming down there. Sue has carried a number of puppies this way, a couple of times she had two that just fit in one bag that flew with her. It's a good thing the puppies didn't have any growth spurts along the way.

The good thing about this is that there is a lot less stress on the puppies and they are a lot safer because they aren't down in the hold of the plane.

Yes, the forum is not that active. A lot of people read it (when there is something new to read) but unfortunately, most of the people don't do message forums very well. They prefer email lists since they get new messages in their email and they don't have to log on to read them. If I can ever find a program that will let me import and export email from Sue's Bouv List, there will be a lot more traffic in here. The good thing about a message forum like this over a mailing list, you can post and view pictures and someone new can read past threads and not just new mail that comes through.

Again, welcome to the Forum. Sue is the person that knows all the Bouvier info, who's who and who thinks they are but they aren't. I'll let her know you are new on here.

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Old 01-03-2013, 10:45 AM
billera billera is offline
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Hi, I have the almost perfect Bouvier. Almost because he suffers from allergies and I cannot find the cause of the allergies. We know the foods to avoid but the source must be from somewhere else. Any ideas ?
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